Oil,  acrylic on stretched linen canvas.

Modern Painting

Size: 65 W x 60 H x 2 cm

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The magnificent film "LA PISCINE " 1969 was a source of inspiration for the creation of this artwork. Lovers Marianne and Jean-Paul spend their vacation in a villa near St.-Tropez. The main feature of the villa is a swimming pool, stage for most of the action. 

Stylish and spectacular painting. Turquoise water in the swimming pool. Bright sunny day on a luxury villa on the Côte d'Azur. 
Beautiful Romy Schneider is chilling by the

 swimming pool. 

Great bright colors and highest quality Italian linen canvas. Painting for the modern stylish interior.


Woman portrait in sunliight.


1969. LA PISCINE. Romy-2