Elena is an award-winning artist currently based in Moscow, Russia.

She completed a master's degree in cartography and the design of geographic maps. Since 2012 Elena has been running her business in geodesy and cartography, cadastre, and topography. In 2013 she graduated with a master's degree in management. In 2019 she left her business to fully pursue her career in art.

“I always had a passion for art, I knew this was my gift yet my career took me away from my passion. It was only in 2019 that I knew that I could no longer live a lie so I swapped a career in business for a profession as a full-time artist, a job that in my heart I was always meant to do.”

Through her works, Elena explores the concept of escaping from the stress of the city to the "luxurious sea horizon". Creating in a distinctive style that fuses realism with pop art, Elena endeavors to capture the imprint of time, space, mood, and emotions.

Her artworks are in private collections across the world mostly in the USA and the UK. Her paintings are regularly noted by art curators at leading galleries and appear in special curatorial selections. 


I use only the highest quality professional materials for my paintings because I want to be sure that the buyer will be satisfied and the picture will be able to bring him joy for as long as possible.

#Best of January 2022 Artfinder.com

#2022 - selected as a semi-finalist for the ARTBOX.PROJECT WORLD 2.0, Zurich, Switzerland

#2021 - selected as a semi-finalist for the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 3.0 
#Best of March | Saatchi Art 
#Featured in the upcoming New This Week Collection 03-08-2021 on Saatchi Art’s homepage. 
# "Splash!" and "Empty pool" featured in "The Start of Summer: Swimming Pools & Backyards 



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