Hi! I'm Elena

I was educated in cartography and the design of geographic maps. It seems to me that the map is a special kind of paintings. The cartographer is designed to describe the features of the three-dimensional planet Earth on a plane. The artist does the same thing - he transfers three-dimensional objects from a real or fictional world onto a plane (on canvas or paper). In addition to cartography, I of course studied Geodesy and GIS, so I got an interesting combination of engineering thinking (geodesy) with creative thinking (cartography and map design).  I think this is reflected in my paintings. So when I paint, I transfer the map of my imagination to the canvas. Currently, painting is a very important part of my life, and I hope my paintings can give emotions not only to me when I'm creating them, but also to people who can see them!

My main theme at the moment is the image of escaping from the stone jungle and from offices, apartments to relaxing nature space. And the seaside or a villa with a swimming pool is one of the most suitable places for such an escape.


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